• July 2014 The Center for Knowledge Diffusion, in coordination with Resources for the Future, analyzes NASA Research conducted on the ISS..
  • June 2014 Dr. Clements participates in the 4th Annual ISS Research and Development Conference in Chicago, Illinois.
  • May 2012 Professor Horner travels to Aguascalientes, Mexico, to give master classes to the Jose White String Quartet.

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Work & Publications

  • 1 Academic Institutional Collaboration Network
  • 1 Complex System of Academic Inventor Network
  • 1 International Collaboration Network on Academic Patents

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Research Focus

Impact Analyses
Higher Education
School Policy
Patenting &
Licensing Activities
Mentoring & Talent Development

Our Goals

The fundamental basis of a free and democratic society rests with access to knowledge and educational opportunity across the population. The Center for Knowledge Diffusion has been organized to promote educational access by reducing barriers to opportunity across five substantive areas which are listed below. What unites these research domains is a theoretical agenda concerning access to educational opportunity. Whether these focal areas involve relational, financial, political, systemic or sociological interactions, the Center for Knowledge Diffusion exists to create and analyze avenues for the realization of potential.

Our Mission

By integrating meaningful mentoring opportunities for students, researchers, and faculty, we actively promote the diffusion of knowledge across multiple disciplines. We do this by conducting exceptional research, by developing talent, and by serving as a conduit for possibilities. In so doing, we use multiple methods to realize individual and organizational potential in the interest of the public, the government and community agencies.